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What is Dental Veneers?

Dental veneers are a set of applications that provide aesthetic dental appearance by reliably and permanently hiding discoloration, slight misalignment or length defects, visible defects, tooth deformities in tooth enamel. Dental veneers are the most effective and fastest method for people who want to correct a slight discrepancy, discoloration or other visible dental defects, especially in the front teeth. With dental veneer treatment, it is possible to achieve the desired smile in an average of 2 sessions. The most important factor to be considered in aesthetic dentistry and dental veneer treatments is naturalness. The new teeth created in dental veneer treatment cannot be distinguished from real teeth. Discoloration, fractures or incorrect deformities in the teeth can negatively affect the appearance and cause discomfort in the person. If you are not satisfied with the shape of your teeth, an aesthetic tooth correction using veneers can eliminate minor defects in your teeth and get the dental appearance you want.

How are dental veneers made?

In the process of dental veneers, first of all, a detailed dentist examination and x-rays are performed. As a result of the tooth analysis based on the examination and x-ray results, it is decided which teeth and which type of veneers will be made in line with the expectations of the person. Before the veneers are applied, the dentist takes a mold of the teeth to be veneered, so that the veneers are designed in harmony with the tooth surface. After the impressions are taken, the appropriate material for the veneer is selected. After the impressions are taken, general oral and dental cleaning is performed. Temporary veneers are placed on the tooth surface of the person until the veneers are produced in the laboratory, that is, until the 2nd session. At the same time, with this coating, the person sees whether the mold taken is compatible with the tooth. If the person has any problems with the temporary veneers on their teeth, solution treatment is applied before the real veneer is applied. The veneers are individually produced in dental laboratories and then bonded to the teeth by the dentist. They are usually made of special materials that are extremely thin, highly resistant to breakage and biocompatible. Depending on the choice of veneer material, in some cases, the tooth surface can be slightly roughened to adhere the veneer to the tooth.

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