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Smile Design

Smile design, one of the most popular applications within aesthetic dentistry, is actually an extremely comprehensive process. In order to restore the most natural and beautiful appearance of the teeth and gums that have lost their aesthetic appearance as a result of various factors, planning should be made by evaluating the face shape and expectations of the person. Smile design, which is a multidisciplinary approach in which different procedures determined specifically for the needs and expectations of the patient are applied, has become increasingly popular in recent years.
Smile design, which is applied in order to have teeth that are compatible with the patient’s own face and jaw structure and at the same time look natural, should be planned specifically for each patient. Within the scope of smile design, the colors of the patient’s teeth and the health of the gums can be improved. Although smile design plays a critical role in ensuring that patients have a beautiful, healthy and remarkable smile, there are some differences in the application of smile design to men and women. The main difference in this regard arises at the point of the need to obtain rounded oval-shaped teeth in women and more rectangular teeth in men.

Which Procedures Does Smile Design Include?

Smile design, which is a comprehensive treatment process that differs from person to person, is applied to change the color, shape and surface structure of the teeth. When the procedures to be applied within the scope of smile design are determined individually, the different aesthetic needs of each patient are met. The procedures to be performed within the scope of smile design can be determined by evaluating various factors, especially the patient’s age, gender, facial features, expectations and needs.
Before smile design applications are planned, the patient’s dental and gum health is evaluated. In cases where any problems are detected, their treatment is carried out first. The smile design procedures to be applied are determined by evaluating the needs and expectations of the patient and can be listed as follows: Prosthesis and implant applications, dental veneers, porcelain laminates, zirconium veneers, orthodontic treatment and professional teeth whitening applications to eliminate tooth deficiencies.

Is Smile Design Permanent?

In order for the appearance obtained as a result of the applications performed within the scope of smile aesthetics to maintain its permanence for a long time, there are some points that the patient should pay attention to. The most important of these is the correct and complete implementation of the oral and dental care routine. After smile design, patients should not disrupt routine dentist checks. Of course, it should not be forgotten that the treatments should be planned specifically for the patient in order to achieve the desired results. One of the most important points to be considered for this is to apply to dentists who are experts and experienced in their field.

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