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Drinks such as tea and coffee consumed frequently during the day or neglecting dental care can cause discoloration on the tooth surface. These color changes may affect all teeth or may occur only in certain areas in the form of stains. Teeth whitening is a painless procedure that can be applied to healthy teeth to remove these color differences.

What is Teeth Whitening? How is it done?
It is very important to have healthy and clean looking teeth for people who care about their personal care and appearance. Some people’s teeth may never be completely white due to genetic factors. In some people, teeth may lose their old white appearance over time due to various internal and external factors. Staining or yellowing of the teeth may occur due to reasons such as consumed foods, not taking good care of the teeth or tobacco products used. Especially with advancing age, darkening of the teeth, thinning of the tooth enamel and loss of brightness are also seen.

In some cases, people with stained teeth may turn to herbal methods that can be applied at home to have whiter teeth. However, these methods offer a temporary solution and often cause more wear and damage to the teeth. For this reason, it is important that the teeth whitening process is carried out under the control of a physician. At Attelia Oral and Dental Health Center, we offer you the opportunity to have whiter teeth with our experienced and valuable physicians. In our clinic, we can also use different techniques according to the needs of the patient during teeth whitening applications. Teeth whitening applications can be performed in two different ways: home and office type. The main teeth whitening methods we apply in our clinic are as follows:

Home teeth whitening method: Contrary to popular belief, home teeth whitening is not a method that the patient can apply at home. In our patients who prefer the home teeth whitening method, our dentists first take the patient’s mouth impression and prepare a special plastic mouthpiece, also called a teeth whitening plate, suitable for the patient. Then, a gel with whitening properties suitable for the patient is prescribed. Unlike the office whitening method, in the home whitening process, the patient applies the whitening gel into the plastic mouthpiece and then wears the mouthpiece for a certain period of time. This method, which seems more practical than the in-office whitening method, is generally recommended for patients who do not have advanced discoloration. The treatment of patients undergoing home teeth whitening takes an average of 1-2 weeks.

Office type teeth whitening method: The office-type teeth whitening method is a teeth whitening method in which the entire treatment process is carried out in the clinic. In office-type teeth whitening applications, since the treatment is carried out under the control of our physicians, higher doses of whitening substances such as hydrogen or carbamide peroxide can be applied to the patient’s teeth. In our clinic, our doctors evaluate the patient in detail in terms of oral and dental health before starting the teeth whitening process. If the patient has problems such as exposed tooth roots and gingivitis, treatment is first applied to eliminate these problems. If the patient’s teeth have stains such as tea, coffee, cigarette stains, these stains are cleaned. Then, the patient’s teeth are covered with special materials to prevent the gels with whitening properties from contacting areas such as lips and cheeks and harming the patient, and special equipment is used to protect the lips and tongue from the effect of the gel. After the patient is ready, our doctors apply a whitening gel containing hydrogen or carbamide peroxide to the front of the patient’s teeth. Among the gels used today, there are gels that can be made more effective with heat and light. In the method also known as laser teeth whitening, gels are activated with the help of heat and light. Our patients and physicians can decide which of these to use together.

Combined teeth whitening method: The combined teeth whitening method is a combination of home and clinic teeth whitening methods. Combined teeth whitening procedures are the method in which our patients continue the treatment at home for 2-3 days after the teeth whitening treatment we apply in our clinic.

Zoom teeth whitening method: With the developments in the field of technology in recent years, innovations are also seen in teeth whitening techniques. In the Zoom teeth whitening method, we make the gel applied to the teeth more active with the help of a light source. Thus, we offer our patients the opportunity to get faster results with a lower concentration of gel.

What are the Advantages of Teeth Whitening?
Teeth whitening is not only aesthetically important but also very important for healthy teeth. The main advantages of teeth whitening applied by the expert physician staff in our clinic are as follows:

We offer personalized service to our patients in our clinic. Before the whitening process, we examine our patients in detail and decide on the whitening method suitable for the patient.
Thanks to the bleaching applications we perform in a sterile and professional environment, we help our patients to have whiter teeth in a short time.
Teeth whitening is not only a method applied for a beautiful smile. One of the most important advantages of teeth whitening is the removal of stains on the surface of the teeth. In this way, the growth of bacteria on the teeth can be prevented.
During teeth whitening procedures, there may be some pain depending on the sensitivity of the teeth. Apart from this, it is possible to say that teeth whitening is a painless method.
Teeth whitening not only lightens the tone of the teeth, but also provides other benefits for the teeth and mouth. Other benefits of teeth whitening are as follows:

Removes stains and darkening of tone.
Increases self-confidence.
Reduces the oral bacteria population.
Improves oral hygiene.
Improves the visual appearance with shades suitable for the person’s demands.
Provides fast results.
It is a safe application.
There is minimal abrasion.
It offers improved oral health with whiter teeth.
The most reliable and permanent of the methods applied for teeth whitening are the procedures performed by experts. Teeth whitening procedures, where the desired results are usually achieved in a few sessions, may take different durations depending on the level of whiteness desired by the person. Teeth whitening procedures performed with a specialist dentist help to achieve effective and harmless results.

Who Whitening is not recommended
There are also people for whom whitening cannot be applied. People under 18 years of age, people with unhealthy enamel or gums, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people with crowns on their teeth are not suitable for whitening procedures. For example, if you have tooth decay, the decay should be treated first. Because whitening can make your teeth sensitive.

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